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SAPNAP YOURE SLEEPING ON THE COUCH.. [1] Karl became part of Sapnap's country Mexican L'Manberg a few weeks later. [7], After Dream escaped from Pandora's Vault, Sapnap asked Punz to help him look for Dream, considering himself and Punz to be the only ones who could stand a chance against Dream. [111], Kristen is one of Sapnap's three dogs. Mexican Dream wanted to kill Dream in response. Beach episode [69] They worked together to move Karl's library to the future site of the kingdom and put up posters to promote Kinoko. DreamXD told Sapnap about how he had hidden the Book of Death for so long and nobody had even thought to take it from the chest. The trio first decided to dissolve El Rapids as it had become a stagnating nation. [35][36], Sapnap played an active role as one of the main contenders during the Pet War. I told Karl, he was supposed to come and invite you. Personality Sapnap is very protective of his allies and friends. It normally doesnt take this long for regular collaborators to meet up in real life, but due to coronavirus, Karl and Sapnap couldnt meet in 2020. [63] He now keeps Mars in his ender chest. A while later, he showed the base to Tommy and told him to kill the pets to prove that Tommy was just as much a pet killer as Sapnap. Nonetheless, he revealed that it was just a trick and he gave Fundy the fish, telling him that he fought well. In the early days of the SMP, Sapnap built his house near the Community House. He repeatedly asked Sapnap to kill BadBoyHalo, but Sapnap refused to do so. Early on, Sapnap briefly considered overthrowing Schlatt to exploit the land for oil. During the Final Pet War, Sapnap took Tommy to see his pets and told him to kill them to prove he was on the same pet-killing level as Sapnap. [22][23], In early July 2020, Sapnap attempted to nudge George off a crafting table in the Community House, unwittingly creating the crafting table meme. I just think George, I just I just think we're better off without him. However, after Tommy refused Sapnap's offers due to distrust, Sapnap returned to violence, killing Juorse. Like the rest of Dream's armor, Sapnap obtained the boots after taking them from Tubbo's vault following Dream's escape from Pandora's Vault. ", "DSMP BUILDING FOR A BIT! Sapnap was unsuccessful in mediating between the two and was confused and worried about what was going on with Karl. After being shown the base, Sapnap asked to become Sam's roommate, which Sam accepted. However, Fundy had found them and took them hostage, and after some confrontation, Sapnap blew up Fungi's grave in front of Fundy to try to get his pets back, but failed. [125] Bad fought alongside Sapnap during the Battle of the Lake after Bad was framed by Tommy and Dream for burning down the Eiffel Tower. And that's not because I have any resentment towards you or anything. Sap, Nap, SappyNappy, Snapchat, Pandas, App, El Sapnapo, Seor Sapnap (El Rapids name) WOOHOO! When Sapnap agreed to those terms, DreamXD told him that Dream was hiding in Pandora's Vault. During this process, Mexican Dream had several visions where he saw that the dream he had about Quackity was true, and that it was actually Quackity who had destroyed Mexican L'Manberg. We invited you. George Davidson, better known online as GeorgeNotFound and occasionally Gogy, is a member of the Dream Team, having the second most subscribers out of the three. [147], The day after the war, Karl and Sapnap decided to both get engaged to Quackity as well. Fianc Trio is the friendship between Karl Jacobs, Sapnap and Quackity from the Dream SMP fandom. The conversation escalates to an argument. If the target or the owner of the book were on their last life, they would not have a ghost or go to limbo and would cease to exist. Sapnap then left and went to deliver the message to Ranboo. Sapnap asked him if he was god, which DreamXD confirmed. Karl Jacobs VODS [Karl Jacobs] (February 26, 2021). They planned to turn Tubbo's old house into a safe house and to find Dream and kill him as soon as possible. Sapnap reacted to the photo by writing, So handsome., Popping off :] Quackity, Karl and Sapnap are currently engaged to eachother in a polyamorous relationship, though in Season 3, the relationship has become rather strained, and the season ends on Karl and Quackity basically having a Second-Act Breakup over the manifestation of their respective issues that they haven't confided in anyone (of their own volition). Minecraft YouTubers and members of the Dream SMP, Karl Jacobs and Sapnap, recently made waves when the two finally met in person. [47], Sapnap and Punz fought together against the Badlands in the Second Pet War. Quackity eventually heard . Since he was disappointed that Sapnap did not kill Bad, DreamXD decided to leave and disappeared. He said he had no idea where Quackity was but that he was scared that Quackity might kill him. Some time later, Technoblade, Dream, Connor and Ranboo appeared, escaping the prison. [140] A while later, Foolish asked Dream if he could perhaps kill people for him in exchange for Quackity's location. Karl doesn't tell Sapnap or Quackity that he is a time traveller or has memory issues when this all first started. StupidApple [Karl Jacobs] (May 24, 2021). After finding a location . Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! Dream Team Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Sapnap. According to their Facebook profile, the two . We Filmed a Podcast in Antarctica! 8 followers Glen And Maggie . [115] Dream showed Helaina to Fundy during the Pet War, but was not sure if she was actually Sapnap's pet. Karl Actually KISSES Sapnap Goodnight 938,481 views Mar 29, 2021 69K Dislike Just Twitch Clips 99.9K subscribers Karl Actually KISSES Sapnap Goodnight Please subscribe if you're new :). Sapnap confessed he has a crush on Karl #karlNap. Sam and Sapnap are friendly with each other. Sapnap told George that Dream did not care about them anymore, but Dream denied it and said he only wanted to dethrone George to keep him safe. Pronouns [164], When Sapnap accidentally killed Henry, Tommy's pet cow, they fought against each other in the War of the Burning Eiffel Tower and the Battle of the Lake. After Karl Jacobs and Quackity's meetup in December 2020, Sapnap and Karl Jacobs' IRL meetup was hotly anticipated, and the Minecraft duo have finally delivered. Dream used to be Sapnap's best friend, and he often followed along with Dream's actions. [25], After George stole Sapnap's horse, Joffrey, Sapnap accidentally killed it while attempting to punch George. Ant agreed to return the panda, but while transporting the panda back, Punz accidentally killed it with the thorns enchantment on his armor. After some consideration, Sapnap agreed to this deal. Finish the lyrics with BadBoyHalo Body - Megan Thee Stallion. [4] They got engaged shortly after Karl joined the server. Sapnap VODS - Unofficial [Sapnap] (March 23, 2021). [6][7] He is so protective of his friends that he is willing to sacrifice his own life to keep them safe. Human At the end of this conflict, Tommy persuaded Sapnap to release his own pet fish, Mars, and the two promised to end all conflicts involving pets. [27] Sapnap and TommyInnit repeatedly killed the two after they retaliated by burning Sapnap's house. [60], After the Disc Confrontation, Sapnap, Karl, and George founded Kinoko Kingdom together. Sapnap himself, among fellow content creators and friends of the duo, reacted to the announcement as well: Nice posterSecret of Mana was a godly game. [70] Sapnap helped establish the nation and grew very protective of Kinoko. I like to make Minecraft content :) Business: Though, not many people ship them in real life due to Quackity expressing his discomfort in being shipped with his friends. Unenchanted diamond boots that Sapnap keeps in his ender chest. Due to that, Fundy decided not to kill the dogs. [110] Sapnap got Max back in the end, and put all his pets in a new secret base. After promising to be good and not throw away his clocks, Sapnap told Dream he would tell George to visit him. Sapnap VODS - Unofficial [Sapnap] (April 25, 2021). Mexican Dream thanked him and then jumped off the house to go back to the Afterlife. While Sapnap said he would attend, he never ended up doing so. They fought on different sides during the Battle of the Lake and at Mexican L'Manberg after Punz betrayed the country. [91], Sapnap's main melee weapon in many early events. [75], After searching for Quackity over the course of several months, Sapnap went to Las Nevadas and reunited with Quackity there. With potential meetups out of the question during the pandemic, fans have been excitedly waiting for the day. Currently, this is in the possession of Sapnap who took it from Tubbo's vault after Dream's escape from Pandora's Vault. Sapnap said that this had been part of their plan and thought that Karl was making an insensitive joke at first. In response, Sapnap drove him out, stealing his items and threatening him with a bow. Destroyed, gone. Quackity leaves, saying he never wants Karl around him again. You and Sapnap had one." "Yeah, but. By working with well-known gamers like BadBoyHalo and Dream, Sapnap increased the size of his YouTube audience after starting his career there in 2019. [113] Sapnap hid Kristen and his other pets, but Fundy found them and took them hostage. Quackity follows them upstairs, and Karl states that Quackity was the reason he . Okay- -IF YOU LIKE THE VIDEO WATCH THE FULL STREAM! Tommy told him that Dream had chased him through a forest on the day of the jailbreak. Sapnap did not believe Dream when he said that he cared about Sapnap and George. this consents of dream, , quackity, karl and him. Red Wind [Karl Jacobs] (November 30, 2022). Sapnap launched his YouTube career in 2019 and grew his following by collaborating with popular gamers such as BadBoyHalo and Dream. Karl asked Sapnap if Quackity was going to move to Kinoko Kingdom, but Quackity said he had been working on his own country that he started after El Rapids. [149], When Sapnap had stolen Dream's armor after the Pandora's Vault jailbreak, he went to Kinoko Kingdom to warn Karl about Dream potentially attacking them. When he got Mars back, Sapnap promised to help Tommy in the war. [32] Sapnap also played a role in the arson of Tubbo's Old House,[33] the bombing of the L'Manberg Embassy, and the raid of Tubbo's Jungle Base. Sapnap started doubting whether it was Dream who had destroyed it, because he had just assumed that this was the case. Dream Team Streams [GeorgeNotFound] (July 3, 2020). Sapnap helped tour Tina around the SMP and recounted the events of the server to her. Kinoko Kingdom (current)Sapnap's secret base (current)Community House (past)Sapnap's House (past) [48][49] After being a citizen alongside Nihachu for a while, Schlatt approached Karl and asked for his support in the upcoming war. [148] Two days after, Karl agreed to lose a canon life to frame Eret for his death and get Mexican L'Manberg recognized as independent. You have to stay here, okay? 1 position on Spotify in America, outperforming The Joe Rogan Experience.. Gaming stars Sapnap and Karl Jacobs have taken the podcast charts by storm with . Okay? [40], After Karl joined the Dream SMP, Sapnap and Karl became engaged. ", "What? THIS IS POGCHAMP! DreamXD teleported Sapnap to BadBoyHalos location and threw an invisibility potion on himself and Sapnap. While Sapnap threatened to kill Sam's dog Fran during the Items Conflict, Sam forgave him for this. Dream dethroned George as king of the Dream SMP, making Sapnap unhappy. In May 2022, the three of them finally met up together in real life, much to the excitement of fans. DREAM TEAM SMP!!! However, at the moment, we don't believe that the pair are in a relationship. Sapnap and Karl Jacobs' popularity has been soaring through the roof since 2020. [57] Dream did later recognize Sapnap's nation of El Rapids as independent. Unnamed dogs and a horse in Sapnap's secret base. Sapnap told Karl that Kinoko Kingdom needed to prepare for war because Dream would be coming for them. [58] After Quackity formed the new nation of Mexican L'Manberg on the platform, Sapnap joined as a citizen. Sapnap Karl Jacobs is an American gamer. He told Dream that if he escaped prison, then he would be the one to take Dream's final life. [71] During the Pandora's Vault jailbreak, Sapnap was concerned for Tommy, who was very upset by Dream breaking out of prison. Gaming video creator. But it's because this is where you need to be, dude. When Dream proposed killing Sapnap, Foolish told him to hold off on that as he still had plans with Sapnap and preferred him to be alive. When Wilbur and Tommy started a drug business, Tubbo and Sapnap fought against them to stop them from doing anything illegal. I'm not a killer, I'm I'm justice! After doing so, he unexpectedly summoned DreamXD. They all also collaborate with other content creators and stream on Twitch and post videos on YouTube. Tommy told Sapnap that Dream cared about George but did not care about Sapnap. Really Funny Memes. turns out, they all are gay. [29] Sapnap and Dream killed Tommy and Tubbo in response to L'Manberg's Declaration of Independence. DreamXD told Sapnap that Foolish knew there was a second book that was not the Revival Book. [100] Dream gave Mars to Tommy during the War of the Burning Eiffel Tower to use as leverage against Sapnap. It was taken by Sapnap from Tubbo's vault after Dream escaped from prison. He tried to help George regain his throne but was unsuccessful in doing so. [95], Dream's maxed sword. Quackity continues to reminisce on El Rapids, with Karl sounding unsure on everything. [1] Quackity and Sapnap founded Mexican L'Manberg along with George. And you know, I don't think it's gonna be Tommy, it's not gonna be Techno, Dream. 10.8K 476 22. [111], Helaina is one of Sapnap's three dogs. He figured that Dream would find some place meaningful to hide. The hilarious reactions from fans ranged from shock to happiness that the pair had finally met. myfaintedheart [TinaKitten] (October 24, 2021). [153][154] They worked together to build Sapnap's secret base and the Eiffel Tower. [95], Dream's Leggings. He was surprised to learn from Mexican Dream that Quackity had destroyed the remains of Mexican L'Manberg. He later showed the pets there to Tommy and taunted him to kill them, but Tommy refused to do so.[111]. As they reach the top, Sapnap mentions moving in and El Rapids, to where Karl asks Sapnap to speak elsewhere. Sapnap says that Karl was suppposed to invite Quackity and is surprised to find out that Karl never invited Quackity. Sapnap building the Courthouse with Dream and George, Sapnap is one of the eight original SMP members, along with George, Dream, Callahan, Alyssa, Awesamdude, Ponk, and BadBoyHalo. However, Dream was reluctant to attack Sapnap and threatened to destroy Kinoko Kingdom if Sapnap did not give him his armor back. Sapnap put her in the pet house with his other pets. Quackity eventually heard about Kinoko Kingdom from George. He believed that Sapnap was not the right person to own the book and wondered how he could obtain it for himself. [67], Dream asked Sapnap to deliver a message to Ranboo, saying ":)". Sapnap ordered Dream to step back and protected the two from him. I'm not good at mugging, but what I am good at is killing people. [7], After Sapnap had founded Kinoko Kingdom, he showed Tommy around the nation. Eret and Niki retold the events of the L'Manbergian Election to Sapnap, and Sapnap stated that the Pogtopians should be taken out. [3] When Dream was threatening to build a wall up to the block limit around L'Manberg, he said he would hire Punz and Sapnap as guards to make sure everyone stayed inside. Sapnap considered asking Dream to work together to kill Foolish. As a compromise, he made Sapnap write one name of a real person in the book. Gender [74], Sapnap said that he would have to go inside Las Nevadas one day to search for Quackity, but that Mexican Dream should follow him for now to a place where he would be safe. [83], On January 30, 2022, Sapnap found the Book of Death while looking for Dream. GeorgeNotFound Streams (January 17, 2021). After teasing their meetup on Twitter, the duo then hopped on to stream a brief session of Minecraft on Karl Jacobs' Twitch channel. A weekly podcast where Sapnap, GeorgeNotFound, and Karl Jacobs bring on one of their friends from the content creation scene to talk and be cool. When Sapnap was unable to kill Dream with the book, DreamXD offered Sapnap a deal where he would tell him Dream's location. [64], The Disc Confrontation was an event staged by Dream and Punz to make everyone believe that Punz had betrayed Dream by getting him locked up in Pandora's Vault. Since he had written two names in the book, DreamXD intended to kill Sapnap twice. Tommy started claiming buildings, leading to Sapnap getting annoyed and driving Tommy out of the kingdom. [4][5] Later on, Sapnap came to Tommy and Tubbo's defense at the Disc Confrontation and he offered to protect Tommy during the Pandora's Vault jailbreak. Funny Laugh. [51] Because of the annexation, Sapnap became a part of Manberg and so fought on Manberg's behalf. Sapnap left the prison after promising to visit again. [95], Dream's channeling trident. As a citizen, Sapnap worked to expand the land of the nation. It is now in possession of Sapnap again, who took it from Tubbo's vault on November 28, 2021. [165] However, Tubbo eventually joined L'Manberg instead. I think you guys are all gonna have to take this fight without me, to be honest. Sapnap and Karl Jacobs are both members of the Dream Survival-Multiplayer group, but it is unclear whether they are dating. Kinoko Kingdom is a nation formed by Karl Jacobs as a safe space from any drama in the Dream SMP. During the Pandora's Vault jailbreak, Sapnap got angry at Sam for letting Dream escape. Sapnap took Dream to Pandora's Vault along with Awesamdude and BadBoyHalo. He's my king, but most importantly, he's my friend. It was accidentally killed by Sapnap after, Skechers was one of Sapnap's pet foxes. Karl and Quackity are friends with the Dream Team and Sapnap is part of the Dream Team himself. DreamXD thought this was a bad idea, so Sapnap ended up storing the book in his ender chest. He used it to kill Tubbo in the Final Control Room. Dream Team Streams [GeorgeNotFound] (May 13, 2020). The three share some similarities. [31], Sapnap and Dream preparing to TNT L'Manberg, At the start of the war, Sapnap aided Dream and George in the griefing of L'Manberg. Sapnap exhaled heavily from his nose, and was almost surprised when the pillow he was hugging didn't catch on fire, the frustration so fucking palpable in his whole body. The nation resides south of spawn. Joffrey was Sapnap's horse. Sapnap burned down Ponk's, Sapnap and Puffy were initially at odds during the, Ranboo and Sapnap originally had a neutral relationship before Sapnap visited. [99] Tommy took Mars and Beckerson from the Community House fish tank during the start of the Pet War. After hearing Dream say to Tommy that he did not care about anything on the server anymore, Sapnap went to Tommy for reassurance. [63] A few weeks later, Sapnap came to Tommy and Tubbo's defense at the Disc Confrontation. However, there is no evidence to back up the claim that Karl and Sapnap are dating or have dated. [82], A week later, Sapnap encountered Tommy in Tubbo's old house. He went outside and decided to test out the book by writing the name of somebody who did not exist. lovingnyamjoon [awesamdude] (July 28, 2022). TWO OF MY FAVORITE DREAM SMPERS MEETING UP! [60], After the Green Festival, Sapnap said he still considered Dream to be his closest friend. This plan ultimately failed and Sapnap had to retreat to get his gear. Quackity showed Sapnap around the country while Sapnap kept trying to convince Quackity to visit Kinoko Kingdom. Sapnap has said he was "born in fire," but it's hard to tell if he actually meant it canonically. [136], Dream later had a conversation with Foolish, where he told him about the people who he might want to kill. [64][157] At the Disc Confrontation, Punz led Sapnap and other server members to Dream's location, but Sapnap did not know that Punz and Dream had staged the event. ", "It wasn't supposed to be like this. [69] A few months afterwards, Sapnap and George searched for Quackity together but encountered Mexican Dream instead. On the day of the breakout, Sapnap was hanging around with Punz, Eryn, Michaelmcchill and several other SMP members. This eventually led to Dream stepping in and taking Tommy's discs. [102] Before the Doomsday War, Tommy rescued Mars from the ocean in an attempt to gain Sapnap's trust and help during the battle. [15], Since he can be highly emotional and blinded by anger, Sapnap generally chooses violence over diplomacy. After Sapnap burned down a part of, Antfrost and Sapnap generally have a neutral relationship. [113] Afterwards, Sapnap tried to hide his pets, but they were found by Fundy and taken hostage. Fans had eagerly anticipated this meetup after Karl met Qauckity in December 2020 and Sapnap met Dream in early January 2021. They plan to get married and have a wedding, but complications cause the wedding to be set back. We have been building our country for the exact same reason as you. Sapnap tried to chase them down but lost them in the Nether. As he waited for Dream to appear, he hid below the main floor of the vault. [21] Sapnap also built the Courthouse as a way to resolve conflicts peacefully and the Hall of Fame to award his Twitch donors. Sapnap and Quackity remind Karl that Karl agreed to the plan of dying.

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are karl and sapnap actually engaged